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Brew Guide: French Press

Brew Guide: French Press

French press may make the purest form of coffee. With the extra time to steep, complete saturation of grounds and no paper filter to extract taste, using a french press means everything except the grounds makes it into the cup. We also have brew guides available for pour over, Chemex and AeroPress styles:

What is a French Press?

A pressure driven style coffee maker composed of a press that produces a denser cup of coffee. Here's our favorite way to make it, you'll need:

Step by step:

  • Bring enough water to fill the french press to a boil
  • Grind coffee to a coarse grind. Recommended 1 to 12 coffee to water ratio
  • Add the coffee and water to french press, assemble the plunger on top
  • Allow the coffee four minutes to steep
  • Apply downward pressure to plunger after four minutes expires, if the plunger is too hard to push that means the coffee was ground too fine, if too easy to push, the grounds were too coarse
  • Serve immediately, because this produces a thicker cup, allowing to sit results in overbrewing the coffee


French press always produces a thick bodied cup while the saturation allows the coffee a different flavor than what you get from a typical drip or pour over style of brewing.

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