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Brew Guide: Pour Over

Brew Guide: Pour Over

Pour over coffee is our favorite method of brewing if we have a little extra time. It produced a quality cup of coffee and is a sensory-rich experience. This short guide details our method of brewing a cup of coffee pour over style. We also feature guides on brewing coffee with:

What is a Pour over?

A method of manually brewing a cup of coffee by pouring hot water through ground coffee. The benefits of pour over style include simplicity, no moving parts, easy to clean, and greater control over flavor. Right from the start, the largest impact on quality will be using fresh roasted beans and good tasting water. There is no better way to enjoy light roasted coffee. In order to use the pour over method you'll need:

Our method single cup:

  • Water: Place kettle on scale and tare, add 400 g water
  • Coffee: measure out 25 g of coffee, medium ground
  • place the V60 funnel on top of vessel with filter placed inside.
  • Pour small amounts of water through the filter and discard. This pre-heats vessel and removes paper residue.
  • Add Coffee
  • Pour slowly over the course of 15 seconds until all grounds are saturated and "blooming" effect occurs which is the slow release of CO2.
  • Pour the remaining water in a circular pattern with the goal of sinking and saturating all of the grounds. Upon draining water, repeat one additional pour, each poor taking between 15 and 20 seconds.
  • When dry dispose of filter and remaining grounds.


With fresh coffee beans you wont get a much more satisfying or complex cup of coffee. By adjusting the amount of grounds, coarseness (fine to medium) used and speed of pour you can begin to tinker and develop a preference for taste. If you are used to old school drip coffee makers be careful, the pour over is a gateway to a superior cup and once tasted, will be hard to go back.

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