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Why tinker?

Have you ever felt like your coffee is missing something? Maybe the fruits floral notes of a Kenyan, the smooth clean flavor of a Honduran or the earthy rich taste of an Indonesian coffee. Blending may be the answer to achieving a perfect cup unique to your taste.

The State of Coffee

Coffee culture is evolving, or at least people's appreciation for its diversity is. People are realizing coffee isn't one class of drink, it is something complex and delicious. Something to be experimented with and respected. Although impossible to generalize, many factors directly contribute to a coffee's profile such as the altitude, climate, nearby vegetation and washing method. It follows that patterns of tasting notes begin to be established per region of origination. 

The Blend

With knowledge of those patterns, experienced roasters can select coffees that are known for their perfection in many areas, but may be lacking in one. Through combing two coffees that complement each other, a roaster can provide a consistent cup profile and a unique signature taste unavailable anywhere else. 

Our Blends 

All of our blends start with single origin coffees. Our blends are typically a seasonal affair with the freshest offerings being combined and is often based on what we ourselves are drinking or tinkering with at the time. If we think were on to something special we offer it in our store. Our criteria for offering a blend over a single origin is that we believe the blend is greater than the sum of its parts. If the blend doesn't taste better than the coffees going into it then in our opinion it isn't worth blending. 



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