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Fresh coffee

Our biased opinion as roasters of coffee is that fresh coffee is better coffee. In order to keep coffee fresh, first, you must start with fresh coffee. Although we ship coffee the day of roasting any coffee within one week (at most two) of the roast can be considered fresh. Storage of coffee is an interesting topic because when asked people give such varied responses.


So as it turns out the simplest answer is the most correct. In order to prolong the freshness life of coffee:



Keep coffee in the sealable bag it comes in, the gas release valve is one way and doesn't compromise freshness. Sealable Tupperware type containers also work.



  • Don't use a freezer, it doesn't prolong freshness and the accumulation of moisture may also shorten it. Also roasted coffee likes to sponge up new aromas and storage with other food is typically a bad idea.
  • Don't leave coffee in the grinder hopper. While it is convenient it will allow time to mix with old coffees and if it is not airtight coffee may lose its freshness faster.

Easy Solution

Buy enough coffee to last a week and grind it immediately prior to brewing. Once acquiring this simple best practice, for better or worse, it will be easy to discern fresh from stale coffee.

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