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Our Story





It all starts with the producers and a mission to enact positive social change. We work in a direct relationship with farmers all around the globe to locate and deliver our absolute favorite coffees from our travels. Sourced coffee in hand we then roast to our exceedingly high personal standards for flavor and send it to you immediately after. It is not only our mission, but our privilege to offer the coffees we love from the farmers we admire. If for whatever reason you aren't satisfied  contact us, let us know what happened and we will work out a way to make it right.



The Roast



All coffee roasts are not created equal. Behind a great roast is a great roaster who has honed his talents for bringing out the best in each bean.The taste, aroma, and consistency of the beans are constantly analyzed throughout the roasting process to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Every bean is different and extracting those natural tasting notes, be it earthy, chocolatey or citrus is a talent we take great pride in.



The Source


 We source our coffee from all over the world based on quality and seasonality. A notoriously delicate plant, coffee is grown and harvested for the most part in a narrow zone that encompasses the equator. The climate, elevation and dense vegetation all play crucial roles in the plant's success. At Darwin's Coffee, we visit these producers at the farms where the harvest takes place. No middle men here folks, just their crop to our roaster to your cup. Producers are paid over commodity price with a goal of long-term sustainable relationships that encourages a high-yield and high-quality product. Come see some of our producers we have formed relationships with at Darwin's Coffee.



Who Are We? 



To our farmers we are a small team with backgrounds in agronomy, biology and chemisty who serve as producer advocates through increasing transparency with direct trade and sustainable agricultural processes. To our customers we are roasters committed to traveling, sourcing, roasting and delivering the best beans we come across. For more details on our interactions with producers in order to deliver the best beans to you, visit our sustain page. Any more questions? Send an e-mail to



Our unshakeable principles


As artisans, everything from our door to your hands needs to reflect our maximum effort in quality durability, and aesthetics.


Our producers and customers sustain us and will be treated consistently with dignity.


We will create a profit in a sustainable way that never exploits or in any way takes advantage of the people who make it possible.


We value integrity over all in all dealings and will only be doing business with companies who share this value.




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