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Coffee and Agriculture

Before becoming coffee roasters and importers we traveled applying our backgrounds in agronomy, biology, and chemistry to increase coffee farmer's knowledge of soil and plant health through each step of harvest. As a side effect of our goals in optimizing farmer's fertilization techniques and processing, we have established close relationships with many producers at their farms. Since becoming roasters we have been able to continue those relationships to assist with higher quality yields. We take a bottom-up approach to quality assurance in every coffee we offer.

Direct Trade Partners

Every producer we do business with we have met, talked to, and formed a relationship with. This enables a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with coffee producers. This results in improved yield and quality of harvest. We have also advocated for producers in the valuation of their crop in order to get a fair price from not only us but other potential buyers. Last year with the average commodity price of coffee at $1.40 and fair trade at $1.60 we were able to offer our producers a minimum of $3.25 per lb. This increased profit all returns directly to farmers thanks to direct trade agreements. 

With increased revenue producers can better maintain and create new sustainable agricultural processes and reinvest in their own infrastructure. As recently as this year producers we have worked with have been able to begin processing their crop at their site of production which further lowers their cost. We take pride in our background of aiding with the establishment of sustainable agricultural processes at the farms we do business with.


Our focus is on quality, as we operate under the assumption quality coffee comes from quality producers. This means partnering with producers who have a focus on maintaining a high standard of environmental conditions, soil health, and standard of worker treatment. We can say with no reserves that we offer the highest grade, cupping score and quality standards associated with each region we source coffee from.  

Supply Line


The farmers we make initial contact with


Care is given to selecting a handler who shares our values for quality 


After importing, we will roast small batch and ship your coffee fresh to you

The customer 

By cutting out middlemen we are able to offer our producers a mutually beneficial relationship and our customers a superior, freshly roasted coffee.

Giving Back

We continue to donate a portion of our proceeds to local farmers to remove barriers to their participation in direct trade. We will continue to update this page with ongoing projects and their stories.

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