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Fuji apple, white grape, honeycomb.


Reko Station, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


Known for intense mango and peach aromas, Reko embodies what an elegant and light-bodied coffee should be. Those tropical notes are joined in the cup by Fuji apple, white grape and, honeycomb. A light apple acidity pairs with tea notes and carnation for a silky, clean floral-and-cane sugar taste.

When you buy a cup of coffee from the Debo sub-region of Kochere in the Gedeo zone, Yirgacheffe region, you’re supporting the efforts of 850 coffee smallholders seeking to bring to the table the essence of Ethiopian gardens and hills. Here farms are owned by communities and measured by the number of trees a farmer is allowed to harvest, rather than by the acres of land owned. Growers collect from wild trees as well as their own coffee plants. Each afternoon fresh picked cherries are returned from harvest by foot, bicycle, motorcycle or donkey to the nearby Reko station where washing occurs.

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